What happened on Leetchi.com in 2019? Great events, memorable presents and a growing sense of solidarity that makes the impossible happen! Let’s check on it together in our annual Year in Review!

We count more solidarity projects on Leetchi.com every year – what a great evolution!  And the amount of a donation is not making the difference because each of them counts. Each donation has the chance to make the small change that leads to a very big one because it is part of our great community of 14 million users. And as we all know, it is a community that gives us power! 

Nonetheless, we do not want to leave behind all the birthdays, farewells, weddings, baby showers, stag parties and other group gifts that we collected money for together. Favourites will stay favourites – just like last year the top three categories our users collect money for on Leetchi.com stay the same.

We picked some of the most memorable group gifts organised on our platform:

🎁 For Leila’s baby shower friends & family collected £800! What a great start to life! 

🎁 Linda and her MBA friends threw a Graduation Party for £10.000! 

🎁 Stefano received £5.000 for his 50th birthday which he will invest in his home improvement projects. 

🎁 Iulia & Lucio created an online money pot to replace the traditional wedding list and be more flexible when choosing what they want. They got £18.000 to spend on wedding gifts! 

🎁 Ziad organised a memorable Halloween Rave with £20.000.


💛 Turning tragedy into an act of solidarity: David leaves behind his wife and son. So friends & colleagues created a legacy trust to benefit his young family and collected £31.000!  

💛 Heidi suffers from ovarian cancer and after several operations and chemotherapy many treatments no longer work effectively. €18.000 were raised to help cover the costs for a special treatment in order to fight cancer for good.

💛 ‘I will be the first person to sail across the Atlantic by a single straw in my mouth.’ Natasha is 21 years old and has quadraplegic athertoid cerebral palsy which affects all her limbs and speech. She needs help 24 hours a day, but despite all her challenges she dreams of adventure and wants to sail across the Atlantic ocean! There is a long list of jobs and equipment that is required to enable to live and sail the boat which is estimated to cost in excess of £150.000! So far almost £2.000 were collected and you can still help here making Natasha’s dream come true.

It is impressive to see what is possible if we take action together and try to make a difference. We are proud to continue growing with you, thank you for being part of this adventure!

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