Hurricane Irma, classified as category 5, is considered be one of the most powerful and devastating hurricanes in the Atlantic basin up to date. It has plowed through the Caribbean Islands and is currently spreading its catastrophic destructions over the US state of Florida. Hurricane Irma and its aftermath, have so far taken 27 lives, left thousands of islanders homeless and brought $10bn (£7.6bn) in damages. The worst affected islands are St Martin, Barbuda, Cuba, Puerto Rico as well as the British and US Virgin Islands. Some sources report that 50-60% of St Martin and Barbuda are completely devastated and inhabitable.

In a response to this natural disaster people have started to create crowdfunding campaigns to help hurricane Irma’s victims get back on their feet. create your money pot founder and CEO, Celine Lazorthes, has released this statement in support of all the people who have been affected by this tragedy:

In the face of catastrophic events, such as hurricane Irma, we all need to stand in unity and solidarity. is committed to helping those in need by forgoing fees on official money pots created for the victims.

As a safety measure, all money pots created for the hurricane Irma’s victims will be verified and approved by’s anti-fraud department. This is to ensure that the raised funds will go to the lawful beneficiaries.

If you’d like your money pot to be verified and qualify for the 0% transaction fee, please contact us on [email protected] with the link to your campaign page.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families in this very difficult time. ❤️