Fundraising websites allow you to raise money for charitable causes. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a common technique used by nonprofits where an organisation enlists the help of loyal supporters to raise money on its behalf. However, fundraising websites have recently started resembling donation-based crowdfunding ones. Today you can use online fundraising websites to support any type of cause you feel passionate about (medical, animal, humanitarian, emergency, community) as well as a charity.

With so many fundraising websites out there, it is essential to determine which platform best fits your needs so that you can raise more money. The best fundraising websites have social tools for sharing your campaigns, offer customer support and charge low fees.

Here are the top fundraising websites in the UK for both charitable giving and personal causes. is the leading European personal fundraising website providing a fast, easy and secure way for people to raise money for personal projects and causes, as well as charitable giving.

It has a user friendly interface and it only takes 1 click to create your fundraising campaigns called the money pot. Fundraisers tell their story and post photos and videos highlighting their causes or projects so that donors can quickly connect with the cause. It’s easy to share your campaign on social media and collect donations. Donors don’t have to register with the website and it only takes 1 click to complete the payment.


It’s free to set up a fundraising page. However, there is 2.9% to 4% processing fee when you want to transfer the money collected to a bank account. There are no binding targets, fundraisers keep whatever amount of money they raise. There’s no GiftAid available.


JustGiving is the biggest online fundraising website specialised in raising money for charities and nonprofit organisations. There are a total of 25,000 charities registered with JustGiving. If you want to support a charity of your choice or run a marathon for a cause, you can use this website. It’s also easy to share fundraising campaigns via social media.


Although the site adds GiftAid, it still charges individuals 5% on donations as well as GiftAid and adds a processing fee of 1.25% on debit/credit card donations. Additionally, charities have to pay between 2% to 5% on each donation including a monthly subscription fee of £15 to £39 based on the volume of donations.


GoFundMe allows fundraisers to create campaigns for various personal causes whether it is for medical bills, emergency or humanitarian project. The site has an easy-to-use interface that enables campaign organisers to share their campaign easily with their networks.


A 5% fee is deducted for every transaction, plus 1% VAT and there is a 2.5 % payment processing fee. It doesn’t offer GiftAid.


GoGetFunding boasts of helping people to raise money for anything that they are passionate about. It allows people to create fundraising pages and raise money for personal causes, events, and projects. They offer 24/7 fundraiser support, easy customisation features, and campaign sharing tools. Besides having an ongoing access to your funds, GoGetFunding gives you a personal fundraising coach to guide you all the way.


It is free to create a fundraising campaign at GoGetFunding but they charge a 4% fee on the amount raised plus a processing fees averaging 2.9%. It doesn’t offer GiftAid.

Givey is one of the fundraising websites dedicated to charities. They specialise in helping small and medium charities raise funds for their projects and activities. It has 8,000 charities signed up and offers GiftAid.


Donors pay 5% fee on donation and GiftAid. No transaction fees.

It’s a relatively small fundraising platform, focused on supporting small and local non-profit organisations. It also offers trasining sessions to help charities with their fundraising campaigns. It has 2,500 charities signed up.


The site charges 5% fee on top of donation and GiftAid plus 1% + £0.10 fee on payment processing. Moreover charities also need to pay a membership fee of £80/ year plus VAT.

Virgin Money Giving

Is a fundraising platform specialised in helping charities raise necessary funds for projects and day-to-day operation. There are over 12,500 signed up with this platform.


Donors are charged 2% on donation and GiftAid. There is also a 1.45% payment processing fee. Moreover registered charities need to pay a £150 set up fee, plus additional 2% on donations.

Raise Money for Anything on

If you choose to raise money for a personal cause, make sure you choose, as it fast, easy and has the lowest, transparent fees on the UK market. As it has it’s own payment system (MANGOPAY) it can offer these low fees and extend the benefits to the users. It’s also one of the most versatile and user friendly platform.

If you’re a charity of an individual fundraising on behalf of the charity make sure you use VirginMoney or other low priced charity fundraising platform.

Create your fundraising money pot on and raise money for your cause or project or support a nonprofit organisation of your choice!