At, we live to celebrate life’s major events and milestones. And to celebrate your baby showers, we put together top 5 unique baby shower gift ideas to get for soon-to-be moms.

When the baby is on its way, we know it’s time to celebrate. But we’re often looking for creative ways to celebrate baby showers so as to make it memorable for the new parents. With that in mind, you need to pick a fresh, useful and unique presents that complements the new parent’s personal style.

1. Diapers showers

baby shower gift ideas

Every new parent needs diapers- and they will need tons of diapers in the coming months. Help out our new mom by bringing her diapers and diaper changing supplies such as ointments, formula, and wipes as gifts. Make this baby shower gift unique by ordering a particular brand or type. For example, you can bring biodegradable diapers, cloth diapers or diaper rental services.

2. Casserole showers

How about we make our new parents stay happy and healthy so they can focus on those critical first months of their new baby’s life? We can do this by a casserole shower, where we bring the new mom and dad an easily-stored family meal to ensure they have enough food to last them those crucial few first weeks. If you do not cook, bring our new mom a gift card to take to a local restaurant or offer to babysit sometime. What an original and practical baby shower gift!

3. Books showers

baby shower gift ideas

Some parents are bibliophiles and may want to pass their love for books to their little ones. By bringing a collection of cute creative bookmark favors, our new parents can build a child-friendly library of books to help their little bookworm learn as his or she grows.

4. Baby clothes showers

baby shower gift ideas

We know how important our new mom will want clothes and clothing accessories for her newborn baby. Shower a bundle of joy with precious baby clothes like bodysuits, pajamas, sweaters, and cozy blankets. You can make this baby shower gift unique by bringing cheerful must-have baby basics such as baby towel, swaddling blankets, baby carrier, nursery bedding, coveralls, crib sheets and more.

5. Group gifting

baby shower gift ideas

We can also celebrate the impending motherhood and fatherhood through group gifting. Group gifting is an awesome way to crowd gift and collect money online together as a group, so we can purchase a really special group gift for our new parents. Each individual is asked to contribute a certain amount and once it’s pooled together, we can buy a quality baby gift for our mom and dad.

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