Hen dos are meant to be crazy, funny and unforgettable for the bride-to-be. But what about the person in charge of it? To ensure you have an electrifying hen party, Leetchi.com rounds up the top 5 unique hen do ideas and proposes a hassle-free way to collect money online for a group gift and event!

If you’re tasked with the honor of organising a fantabulous hen party for the bride-to-be, then check out these unique ideas for a head start. Give her unforgettable hen party experience that she will cherish for the rest of her life.


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Glamping is an exciting camping activity in which you get your girls, pack off the cars and head off to a unique location to set up a camp. There is no pitching of tent involved but instead, you have a choice to sleep in a cute sweet tree house or a luxury yurt or a country cottage. It is luxury and glamorous camping experience that will guarantee she has a hen party of her life.

Beach games

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Ignite the adrenaline inside of you with by going out to the beach for a whole range of blood-pumping activities. Head over to the beach and indulge in exciting activities that suit everyone such snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, horse riding, abseiling clay pigeon shooting and more. Explore beach games that will keep everyone entertained and avoid the blandness of just sitting there. This adrenaline pumped fun could be the perfect hen do party you’ve never thought of.

Weekend getaway

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If you’re looking for hen do with a difference then gather all the girls and head off for a hen weekend away to a stately home. You and your girls could escape to a picturesque old house in the distant land for the ultimate weekend relaxation. And while there, partake different fascinating activities for a laugh by the fire.  Treat your bride-to-be to a hilariously embarrassing slide show of her best and worst moments and get a good giggle at that! You can also choose to discover together a new city in the UK or somewhere else!

Spa retreat

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A hen do party is incomplete without a day of pure indulgence at a spa retreat. Allow your girls to relax and unwind before the big day so they can relieve all the pressure. If you’re pocketed enough, go further and book in your fellow hens for an overnight stay or hen night out so they can maximize the full use of the facilities.


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Take the girls to an enthralling nature-filled fun with a hiking hen party. Enjoy great hiking outdoors when you walk through the beautiful countryside, before enjoying a delicious meal in one the cozy restaurants in the nearby. You can also organise with the hotel for a customised afternoon tea, cocktails and dinner to enjoy with your hens.

But how to organise it all?

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Whichever option you go for, when it comes to organising a hen party or any other group event, there are issues you have to contend with.  You have to organise a party that lives up to everyone’s expectations, while also meeting the budget and timescale requirements. Not to even mention the hassle to collect money, manage payments and ensure that they are made on time.

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Create your hen party money pot, get everyone to chip in and give a memorable experience as a group!