Looking for an alternative wedding gift? Look no further, in this blog we’ve come up with the top 5 wedding gift ideas that will please any Millennial couple.

As you know the Generation Y is characterised as being money savvy and very practical in their approach to life. Traditional home appliance gifts  such as toaster, coffee maker or a china set are a bit outdated, as most modern couples will have lived together before tying the knot. This means that they’ve acquired all the necessities for their apartment on their own.

So what are the alternatives to traditional, well intended but not necessarily useful gifts? The two ideas to keep in mind are: gifting money and experiences. Check out some of our suggestions below.

1. Fine dining experience

wedding gift idea

With a very busy lifestyle, long working hours and not much time available to cook elaborate meals at home, everyone likes to enjoy a night out once in a while. Treat the couple to a fine dining experience at a Michelin star restaurant, something they’d much more enjoy than an unnecessary kitchen gadget. Get  them a gift card to eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant. At Truly you can find some interesting options.

2. House downpayment

wedding gift idea

With the raising cost of living, especially in the cities, piling up debts for student loans, monthly car and credit card installments, it’s extremely difficult to save enough money for a home downpayment. Help the young couple make their dream of being home-owners a reality, by simply contributing cash to their savings.

3. Honeymoon

wedding present

Another very practical way of making the newly weds happy, is to chip in towards their trip of a lifetime, the honeymoon. Exotic locations such as Bora Bora, Bali or Zanzibar don’t come in cheap, especially if you’d like to fully enjoy the couples experience with sightseeing trips, getting pampered at a spa and eating fine local cuisine. The “Mr & Mrs to be” can simply set up their wedding money pot on Leetchi.com and ask for money instead of physical gifts. It’s quite convenient for both the guests, no hassle looking for a present, and the couple, no risk of receiving a second coffee maker. Money gifting just got a lot easier!

4. Home deco

wedding gift idea

And if the couple has just moved into a new house and needs some help decorating it, you can get them a gift card to a trendy furniture shop such as Made.com or Habitat. Let them choose the items that will best match their taste.

5. Something more personal

wedding gift

If you’re looking for a more personal gift that will stand the test of time (hopefully, just like your friendship), you can get them a collectible item or something to match their interests. For example, if you know that they are wine connoisseurs, you can get them a case of  suitable for aging French Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, with an attached note “to be opened on their X wedding anniversary”. For art-lovers, you can consider looking into getting a nice painting from their favourite local artist or an antique for the living room. If they are book-worms, why not surprise them with the 1st edition of their favorite book, or a set of novels written by their preferred author?

Whichever choice you go with, make sure that for your own wedding celebration you get the gifts you want! To receive cash gifts, create an online wedding money pot, ask your guests to chip in and collect money towards your honeymoon, home downpayment or whatever your heart desires. It’s very easy to set-up and manage, so “bye bye paper envelopes” and “hello technology platforms”! Once your money collection is finished you can transfer all the funds in a lump sum to your bank account.

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