Picking a perfect gift for a parting colleague can be particularly difficult. In this blog post, we celebrate our parting colleagues with the top 5 alternative leaving present ideas to get them.

You’ve spent nearly 12 hours every day working together in an office and have had a good professional and personal relationship. They have become an integral part of your life for those many years. Watching a familiar face leave can be hard to take, but you can celebrate the time you’ve had together by showering them with a unique leaving present.

The key is to show fondness by picking a unique going away gift that conveys the right message. You can make the occasion unique and special with one of the gift ideas below:

1. Learning gift

leaving gift idea

Sometimes the best way to appreciate a parting colleague is to surprise them with a learning gift, particularly a book. A gift of learning conveys a personal and meaningful message that you care about your colleague’s overall well-being. It will also help a colleague become efficient and productive. Make this gift unique by finding them a great book about the topic they love, like technology, photography, sports or entrepreneurship.

2. Office life brightener gift

leaving gift idea

Although they’re parting, they still will need a daily work life. Bring them a unique gift such as personalised note cards to brighten their office in their next job. The classy and personal touch with this gift conveys a special message of love and tenderness. Get them an elegant planner or a journal or a nice pen to help them keep appointments and notes.

3. Personalized Mug

leaving present idea

Everyone has that special coffee mug that they love to tote around in the office every day. Give a personalised coffee mug with name and photo of your colleague to shower a bundle of joy in their lives. Make sure to invest in a beautifully designed mug, made of superior quality material and has is durable. You can also tailor the gift to their personal style by customizing the mug with something unique like their hobby, fun joke or favorite quote.

4. Food gift

leaving gift idea

Who doesn’t like to eat? Treat your parting colleague to a special meal at your favorite lunch spot near the office. Give them a gift certificate so they can have free lunch at anytime they want. Even a Starbucks card can be a great way to show kindness and warmth towards your colleague.

5. Group gifting

leaving present idea

Looking for something completely different? Then, we suggest that you try crowd gifting! It’s a new and improved way of pooling funds together with friends and colleagues towards group gifts as well as group events! To make your colleague’s leaving do extra special you can create an online money pot on Leetchi.com and ask all your office mates to chip in whatever amount they want! You can use raise money to get your colleague something they’ve always wanted; like a concert ticket to see their favourite band, a cooking class to improve their chopping skills or an Apple watch, to complete their gadget collection! So, forget about the old-fashioned idea of a paper envelope circulating around the office collecting money from everyone. Use Leetchi.com for a hassle-free way to raise money online and organise group gifts for any occasion.

Create a money pot and organise a quality leaving present for your colleague!

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