Eddie’s heartbreaking story begins in Romania, where he’s lived as a stray dog for 7 years and was subjected to inhumane treatment by the locals. Atrocious acts of animal cruelty left him with his tail cut off, a big scar on his belly from being hung from a tree and an infected hole in his nose from being beaten with a metal rod.

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Eddie was found in a poor condition, with a developing mouth and nose infection, left to die. It was Susanna
Hawthorne, who became his guardian angel by adopting him and bringing back to the UK. She’s not only given Eddie a warm and loving home, but also access to a specialist care.

Eddie has survived seven years of hell: he has travelled across five countries to get to us and we are now his forever home. We will do whatever we possibly can to help him have a happy, safe and healthy second half to his life.

There are a few treatment options available to help Eddie recover; however, Susanna, who’s battling a cancer at the same time, cannot afford to cover £6,000 in medical expenses. Her compassionate love for Eddie, made her move the earth and heaven to raise money for vet bills. She’s created an online money pot and mobilised local community to donate to her crowdfunding campaign and give Eddie a second chance at a happy life. Eddie’s story was covered by national and local newspapers.

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As of today, Eddie has raised over £4,100 from 170 generous donors; however £2,000 more is needed. He’s already started his antibiotic treatment and is slowly but surely on his road to recovery and reconstructive surgery.

Find out more about Susanna’s crowdfunding campaign and help her raise money for vet bills and Eddie’s treatment. The campaign will be running until the end of October 2017.

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