If you’re passionate about a particular cause, chances are, you have thought of making a donation to a charity or other nonprofit organisation that supports the cause. But making a donation or volunteering your services may not feel enough sometimes.

There’s actually a better way to make the most impact on your community – online fundraising.  By launching your own fundraising campaign, you can start raising money for charity you love or a cause you’re enthusiastic about and help in a great way.

And you don’t need to have a formal fundraising experience to start raising money for charity. All you need is passion.  The same passion you have for the cause is enough to help you organise a successful charity fundraising.

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Online fundraising is one of the most effective ways to raise money for charity as it allows you to safely and securely accept donations from supporters in your community and across the globe. It is easy to start a free online fundraiser via Leetchi.com’s simple set-up process.

In order to get more donations for your campaign, take advantage of social media to engage your community, expand your online outreach and connect with your backers.

According to NPT-UK, 61 % of Britons have donated to charity in the last year. Most people (51 %) report to making donations to charitable causes from time-to-time while 25% give donations every month.

raising money for charity, ways to raise money for charity, charity fundraising, leetchi.comIf you look at it in terms of those who give, a striking scenario unfolds. Women in the UK are more likely than men to give to animal and children charities. UK millennials fondly give to mental health care and physical charities, housing and refugee shelters, homeless people and educational institutions while their older counterparts often favor hospices, hospitals, and religious charities.

Online donations have increased dramatically in the UK in the past year. Of all surveyed non-profits, more than half reported an increased online giving in the past 12 months.  The most popular causes the British people donate money to include medical research, animal welfare, and children in that order.

charity fundraising, ways to raise money for charity, Leetchi.comIn 2016, about 7.2% of overall fundraising revenue by UK non-profits came from online platforms.

Majority of charities in the UK are very small, are run by volunteers and have less than £10,000 a year coming in. their survival depends on the generosity of individuals like you.  You can become a personal fundraiser for these charities and help raise funds for charitable causes you’re most passionate about.

By selecting the right fundraising website, you can create an online campaign page that supports a charitable cause by raising as much money for the charity as possible.

raising money for charity, leetchi.comHere are the tips to help you achieve a successful online fundraising for charity.

  1. Talk to the charity

The initial step is to talk to the charity you wish to raise funds for and let them know what projects you have in mind. Find out if they have upcoming events or promotions which you could get involved. You can also get involved through peer-to-peer fundraising which is also one of very effective ways to raise money for a charity or on behalf of other nonprofit organisation.

charity fundraising, raising money for charity

  1. Organise a fundraising event

Besides getting involved charity events, consider organizing a fundraising event where participants donate to your online crowdfunding campaign in a fun and more relaxing way. A good fundraising event brings the community together for a good cause. Some of the activities you can organise in order to start raising money for charity include:

You’ll need to have some funds beforehand to organise a successful fundraising event but you can partner with local businesses to help donate food and other items. Remember to remind people that all the money raised will be used for a good cause. This way, people will be happy to come with their money.

  1. Share your story

People love to listen to stories. Share your story and let people know why you feel strongly for the charity you’re supporting. Whether it’s because you were once a recipient of their services or you just have an affinity for the cause, inspire your potential donors to give by sharing your story. When sharing your story make sure you following storytelling best practices:

  • Set up the problem-what does the charity do?
  • Emotional component- your audience wants to know why you’re passionate about the cause so they can be moved too.
  • Solution- your donors are part of the solution. Let your backers understand how their contribution no matter how little it is will go toward making a difference.

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  1. Engage your supporters

For online fundraising, your potential contributors are mostly found on social media platforms. You can engage this group more effectively by constantly providing updates about the progress of the crowdfunding and asking your supporters to share the campaign link on social networks

  1. Fundraising on special days

Capitalize on special days such as holidays and birthdays to boost your fundraising success. Set up your fundraising campaign page for charity at any time of the year but take advantage of special days to raise more funds. Also, encourage your supporters to donate on their birthdays or during special occasions.

charity fundraising, raising money for charity, leetchiOnline fundraising is one of the best ways to raise money for the charity you love. Leetchi.com provides an easy, transparent and secure platform to create your fundraising campaign page and start raising money for charity, so that you can maximize your reach and accomplish your goals.

Create your own money pot on Leetchi.com and start raising money for charity or a good cause you feel most passionate about.