Here are the best tips to help you organise and host a successful party

Parties can great fun, but they can also take a considerable effort to pull off.  Indeed, if they weren’t so much enjoyable, we’d probably all decide they weren’t worth the effort.

The truth is there’s no “right” way to a throw a party. That is, there are no limits to the ways to get things done.  You only need to put into consideration basic party details such as the number of people, the venue, the entertainment and the budget, with the help on an online money pot. - online money pot
1. Set the date

It sounds simple, but people want to have enough time to plan to make your party. It is best to decide on the party date and venue well in advance so you can have ample time to plan and send invitations. Take your time to determine a suitable range of dates to avoid conflicts with major holidays or family events.

2. Select the venue

You can decide to have the party at your house or outside at the park depending on the number of people that you’ve invited. Just make sure there are enough seats for everyone.

If it is a large party, consider selecting a location that is spacious enough to allow people to dance and interact freely.

3. Draft your guests list

When deciding on the number of guests, consider things like the type of party it is, your budget and the timing of the party. For example, a dinner party may force you to keep down the number of people. For a house party, you should ensure the number of people invited can comfortably fit into the house.

4. Food and drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, it is important to take into consideration the tastes of the guests you’ve invited. Also, have at least one signature drink in addition to other drinks. For nondrinkers and designated drivers, make sure you get them something like fruit juice or bubbly water.

To make the party more interesting, ask guests to bring appetizers, some beer or a nice wine.  It will make your food and drink planning work much easier.

5. Decide on the budget

To make your party creative and successful, you must determine how much money you’ll spend. First, decide on how much money you’re willing to spend on various categories such as food and drinks, decorations, entertainment etc.

Second, seek the help of your friends to organise the party instead of going it alone. A better way to collect funds for your party and ensure its success is to use online money pots proposed by - the online money pot
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