New Year’s resolutions offer the perfect opportunity to set new goals and make changes in your life.  Generosity is just one of them. Whether you’re planning to lose weight, quit smoking, start a new business or achieve financial freedom, resolutions are signs of progress and growth in our lives.

The key to achieving resolutions is to set specific, measurable, realistic and achievable goals. Only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, according to University of Scranton research. Some of the reasons attributed to people failing to keep their resolutions are setting overly ambitious goals, making too many resolutions and getting derailed by minor setbacks.

According to a New Year poll by YouGov, the top New Year’s resolutions made by Britons are to lose weight (48%), exercise more (41%) and save more money (32%). However, while many embark on improving their health and wellness, few are thinking of boosting their sense of happiness through generosity.

When you make pledges to better your life in the New Year, consider adding generosity to your New Year’s resolution list.  Your year will improve significantly if you pledge to extend a helping hand to those in need.

So how do you resolve to become more generous in the year 2018? All you need is intention and action. Here’s how to get started with generosity in the New Year:

  1. Start giving

Just start giving one cause at a time. Pledge to give your time or money to causes that you’re passionate about. By giving little by little, you stand a better chance of success or making a difference.

  1. Practice gratitude

Some of the benefits of gratitude are it helps you become more generous, patient and compassionate. When you practice gratitude every day, you become grateful for what you have and begin to care for those who don’t have what you do.  With gratitude, it becomes easier to lend a helping hand to those in need.

  1. Reduce wastage

If you find out you might be wasting your money on things you don’t really need, it’s time to put a stop to it. Carryout a thorough clean up of your finances so that the new savings can be reallocated to good causes. Also, minimize time wastage and use your newfound time to give back to the community.

  1. Don’t let small failures crush your plans

If after some time, you’re unable to meet your pledges, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t use it as an excuse not to continue the good idea of helping those in need. Instead, change your mindset and use this as a defining moment and get back to your giving routine again.

  1. Give up bad habits

Think of what you’re gaining when you give up your bad habits. If it is smoking you’re giving up, think about all the money you will be saving when you won’t have to buy cigarettes anymore. Donate these savings to charities or causes you can get behind and stick with long-term.

  1. Stretch your skills

New Year means not only giving up old habits but trying new things. Consider trying new things like taking up new roles in a local animal shelter or local church as a way of giving back.  Get involved constructive activities where you get to learn a whole new skillset as you give back to your community.

  1. Do it with a friend or family

One of the reasons why people break their New Year’s resolutions is due to lack of accountability. To ensure you stick with your generosity plans in 2018, get a partner who can hold you accountable for your own goals. You have a better chance of succeeding with someone keeping an eye on your progress.

  1. Share your story

If you are a cheerful giver, share your story to inspire others. Go to crowdfunding sites like and share your story about giving so as to inspire others to practice living generously. Ask people to practice tithing or giving a portion of their salary to good causes. See how great it feels.

  1. Try to be creative

There are several ways to show generosity. From volunteering your time to starting an organization, the creativity you inject in the way you give back can make a huge difference. This year, pledge to be a social entrepreneur and start a campaign or partner with local organizations and raise funds for good causes in your community.

With New Year comes new beginnings and aspirations. Consider choosing the generous path this year. Empower your community, even with the little you have- You’ll be surprised by just how much difference you can make in people’s lives.

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