Memorial fundraising as a means to helping mourning family with the funeral costs

With the growing popularity of crowdfunding to help those in need, there are more and more ways that people are finding to provide assistance springing up all the time. People everywhere are in need but that need isn’t limited to the services offered by one organisation or another. Sometimes, the best help comes in the fundraising ideas of the people who want to help the most. They are closest to the situation and they know exactly what the specific needs are, as well as how best to reach those who can help the most. That’s where comes in. By providing a platform by which people can create memorial fundraising money pots, we allow people to give meaningful help that is effective and secure.

Real Help for the Debilitating Costs

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The increasing need for assistance when it comes to the costs associated with the funeral and memorial service of those who pass on is very real. For the family members and loved ones that are left to foot the bill, the weight of the debt can truly be debilitating. Today in the UK, the average cost of the funeral alone is well above the £7,000 mark, and in the US it is more than $10,000. When you factor in all the other costs as well, the price for giving a send-off worthy of the lives the deceased had lived can prove to be quite impossible. The Daily Mail estimates that more than 100,000 people in the UK alone will have difficulty in paying the fees associated with burying their loved ones and that number is only growing year by year.

Help in these cases can come in many shapes and sizes, but when you decide to start a memorial fundraising project for the person or family that has recently accrued the expenses and responsibilities of organising the funeral and memorial service, there are some very specific things that you can do that make worlds of difference. For example, when you start a foundation in the name of the deceased, you allow all the people who are close to the family to help where they might not have otherwise been able to. It would obviously be very inappropriate and awkward to pass around a pot at the funeral asking everyone for donations, but when a foundation is organised and all the attendees have access, everyone is pleased to be able to help as much as they can. The foundation allows all who care to lend a hand.

Giving back

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The reasons for helping a family which is suffering from the loss of a loved one are many, but some of the most important are helping lower the debt that is left and making sure that there is some money to secure the future of the children left behind. When a fund brings help with funeral costs, it makes it possible for family to start thinking about the things that are really important, such as dealing with the loss and grief associated with the funeral.

With a memorial fundraising money pot you can pay your respects to the loved ones who are gone, while at the same time help the mourning family that has been left behind. It is very easy to create a fundraiser to cover all the costs of the funeral and memorial service that would otherwise prove to be quite crippling. is the leading European crowdfunding and fundraising platform that provides a fast, easy and secure way for people to raise money together online for anything and everything.