Transform your photos into unique memories with our new partner LALALAB!

LALALAB is the #1 online photo printing service in Europe! It’s designed to help you remember and cherish the best moments in life, by reviving many often forgotten photos. Running out of space on your phone? Not sure what to do with the overwhelming number of photos you’ve taken? Get creative with LALALAB! Simply, upload your favorite images using the app and choose one of  many available tools to customise your printed photos. And remember, you can spend your money pot 100% free of charge when you buy a gift on LALALAB, just like any other partner 😉

Today LALALAB is present in 70 countries, available in 5 languages and used by over 2 million users! The company has creativity at its core and is ran by a team passionate about design and original decorative ideas. A team that is first and foremost dedicated to listening to and meeting their customers’ needs.

But how has it all started? The LALALAB story….

The company was founded by two childhood friends, Jeremy and Julien, who accidentally met on a train. As their friendship evolved, so did their common goal – to be able to send and print photos from your smartphone. Jeremy’s aim was to simply share his digital memories with his technophobic grandmother. The result? Creation of LALALAB (previously Polagram), an application that sends photos from your smartphone directly into your mailbox!

LALALAB now offers a wide range of products: from photo books to magnets, paintings to prints in mini-vintage format; all fully customisable! It’s a true 2.0 revolution of photo printing that brings authenticity and modernity together.

Now LALALAB is one of e-commerce partners!

LALALAB is much more than just an application, it’s a large community of creative individuals who like to take photos and share their memories. There’s over 30,000 people using #lalalab on Instagram and 200,000 followers! 👍  You can now print your best memories in just a few clicks and pay for your purchase with your money pot!

Whatever the occasion, you will surely find the perfect gift to celebrate it:

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