Wondering how to raise money online for projects and ideas that could have a positive impact on your community?

One of the major challenges many community groups face when planning local projects is the lack of funding.  In the UK, the main sources of funding available to communities and social entrepreneurs include grants, gifts and donations, contracts, trading, and loan financing. However, each of these sources comes with specific governance issues relating to it.  Grants, for instance, comes with conditions such as achieving agreed milestones and particular outcomes being met.  This makes it extremely difficult for community organisations to secure funding.

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Today, many community groups rely on gifts and donations from individuals, companies, charitable trusts and foundations to fund their projects, which can be time-consuming and not completely cover the financial need.  So how to raise money to bridge the gap and obtain access to easier funding? The answer is crowdfunding, which is one of the best alternatives to funding local projects.

Crowdfunding for community projects

Whether you want to shape the future of your area by maintaining communal gardens, rebuilding community buildings or improving the security in your neighborhood, you can rely on the power of crowdfunding to turn your project ideas into reality. Here’s online crowdfunding can help bring your project to life:

Reach many donors

Crowdfunding involves the collective efforts of people networking via social media and pooling resources to support community projects. Not only does crowdfunding give you access to thousands of potential backers, it enables you to raise funds for literally any community project your initiate.

Raise funds for anything

From community business to community-led housing and projects geared towards economic development in your area, this is how to raise money online for anything that you’re passionate about.

Enjoy flexibility

Starting a fundraiser is free. There are no goal requirements or deadlines so you still have access to all your funds even if you don’t meet your goal.

Spread the word to raise more

Online crowdfunding platforms, such as Leetchi.com, have an easy-to-use interface that enables campaign organisers to share their campaign easily with their networks. After launching your fundraiser, you can share it with your community via the social networks which will help you spread the word, aiming at soliciting pledges and support. By setting up a crowdfunding page with compelling content about your projects and supporting images or videos, you can easily target your donors’ emotions and implore them to donate.

Examples of community campaigns that have raised money using Leetchi.com platform

Eye & Dunsden communities have launched their fundraising campaign to fight a giant developer to preserve their beautiful landscape & prevent a housing project expansion.

The Letchworth Garden City Home Education Hub created their campaign aimed at covering the cost of a venue and providing a place where parents can meet, share resources and ideas as well as run educational and skill base workshops that will support local home educated children.

Leicestershire community has launched a neighborhood watch campaign, aimed at raising funds to keep their community safe and reduce crime.

Members of the community group: Friends of Abbot Hall Playground, launched their fundraiser to renew their local playground in Kendal.  They decided to participate in Wilmslow Half marathon and get sponsored, raising money for their community project.

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