How to Collect Money Online For Special Occasion?

Now that you’ve thought about celebrating your special occasion, the question arises how to collect money online to execute it…Whether it is a birthday party, a life event, or anything in between, you need as much help as possible in order to sort out the perfect gift and event.  However, the hassle of collecting money from a group of friends might be frustrating and difficult.

A survey by Totally Money on British Attitudes to Money reveals that the conversations and situations that makes us most uncomfortable are asking to borrow money and someone asking to pay back money you’ve borrowed.

This explains why special occasion event organisers are often faced with many challenges such as coordinating payments, transparency and chasing people up to contribute their share. So how to collect money from a group and ensure you organise an event party that everyone will rave about?

Group Gifting

Collecting money online via group payments, also known as group gifting is the new innovative way to raise funds for any special occasion.  With group gifting, you don’t have to worry about inconveniencing people when you knock on their doors to payments. Asking people to contribute online is the best way to collect funds to celebrate a special occasion.

As an organiser, you can create an online money pot, explain what you’re collecting for and invite friends and workmates to contribute. You also have the option to indicate a specific contribution amount per person as well as mask the amount contributed and the names of participants. All payments are 100% secure and participants can easily pay online by click on the money collection link and using credit or debit card.

As the organiser, you have the full access to the account, but all group members can monitor account’s activity, balance and transaction history. This enhances transparency and accountability.

Occasions To Collect Money For Online.

If you want to raise money for special occasions, the best way is to use online crowdfunding platforms like

1. Life events

Life itself is a special occasion. Collect money as a group to celebrate that special occasion in someone’s life such as graduation, wedding, engagement, birthday anniversaries, baby showers and retirement parties. It could be MasterClass gift card, weekend getaways or anything in between. Whether big or small, make it happen with group gifting.

2. Teacher gifts

When the teacher appreciation week is around the corner, gather your fellow parents and collect money online so that you can purchase thoughtful and useful group gifts that teachers will totally appreciate. With online group gifts, there is no more of chasing up parents to contribute their share.

3. Thank you gifts

Thank you gifts can now be given with a special touch, thanks to online money pots like Whether you want to appreciate someone for turning up to your wedding, send thank you gift to your parents or that special one, you don’t have to go cheap anymore.  Simply create a group gifting account, and ask your friends, family and colleagues chip in with their contributions.

4. Events & Getaways

Want to go on weekends away, dinners out or simply need tickets to attend the latest show in town but have no money?  Don’t despair! Get together your friends and raise funds online so you can enjoy a well-deserved break from the city’s hectic life.

Even if you just want to enjoy a romantic break with your significant other, you’ll be surprised by just how much donors are willing to help you whisk your loved one away for a romantic escape. - how to collect money online The Convenient Solution

Group gifts are increasingly becoming popular with UK millennials.  Group gifting is flexible, hassles and convenient. It’s logistically easy to manage an online money pot.  You get to see who has or hasn’t contributed and allow members to allow you to make direct online contributions on their own schedule.

In that case, both you and group members don’t have to worry about owing your friend cash on their special day.

Create a money pot and collect money online for your group gifts and special occasions. Try it today so you won’t play catch-up tomorrow! create your money pot