How do you raise money for yourself in 2018?

Every day, millions of pounds are raised on fundraising websites to help people fund personal projects, pay for medical expenses, and support others with their education or emergency needs. While platforms allowing to raise money are widely accessible and easy to to manage, mounting a successful personal campaign requires a lot or work and effort getting  backers on board to make it work.

Even if you a good personal cause and a great need to obtain financial support, that itself will not be enough for people to donate to your campaign. In fact, people only support something they have a real connection with. That connection can be that they know you personally, you’re a good friend to some of their good friends, or it can be that your particular struggle is one they have dealt with or a person they know has gone through.

4 easy steps to raising money

To get started raising money for your personal cause, make sure you have a solid strategy that you can share with your backers. Here’s how you do it:

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Set up

Creating a personal online fundraiser is quick and easy. You just need to choose the best crowdfunding or fundraising platform that matches your project. It’s recommended that you take platform, fees, transparency and security into consideration. Once you’ve decided on the website,  simply sign up using your email or Facebook and begin mounting your campaign.

Your goal

The next step is to define your goal for your potential backers to know the reasons you’re fundraising. Share all the details of your project including expenses and a plan for the money you get. For a personal fundraiser, it is important to explain how you came up with that number. Be specific with your issues—backers are more likely to get on board if you have one specific, urgent, time-sensitive need.

Also don’t forget to check the fundraising model, is it ‘all or nothing’ (if you don’t reach the goal, money is refunded to the donors) or ‘you keep 100% of what you raise’ (you keep whatever you raise irrespective of attaining the goal).

Your story

To attract people to your fundraiser you need to tell your story with empathy. Write as if you’re speaking directly to your friends and family, not talking to strangers. In your description, make sure you answer readers’ basic concerns, such as what the funds will be used for? How will the money raised help you accomplish your goals? The aim is to compel people to understand your situation and why you need their help.

Get the word out

Once you’ve launched your fundraiser, share it with everyone everywhere—including social media platforms, blogs and influencers. The more people you reach with your fundraiser, the more donations you’ll receive. Before you begin sharing on social media, ask your friends and family to join your team, make donations and share the campaign with their friends.

Reaching out to your core group first helps you to build a strong base support so that when you draw in traffic from social media, people will visit your page and see that there’s already momentum.

Naturally, people are skeptical to be the first one to donate to a cause. If you get your close friends and family to donate first, it will make it easier for people to support you. – your personal fundraising platform provides a fast, easy and secure way for people to raise money for personal causes and help empower our communities. It offers some of the lowest fees, campaign transparency and payment security. With Leetchi, you keep 100% of money raises, even if you don’t meet the target.

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