Rough sleeping is a problem on the rise in the UK. Homeless charity Shelter through estimates more than 300, 000 people (equivalent to a city the size of Newcastle) are homeless in Britain. London is the city bearing the brunt of the homeless crisis while in the borough of Newham, the problem is more acute – one in every 25 people is homeless. Shelter also reveals in a new study that 128,000 children will wake homeless this Christmas. This perhaps highlights how people struggle to find affordable homes and escape the devastating trap of homelessness.

People are thrown into the plight of rough sleeping because of family breakdown, mental health problems, escape from violence and so on. Rough sleepers have an urgent demand for food, clothing, and shelter.  They are constantly fighting homelessness but they cannot do it on their own- they need your support. As you celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, remember our homeless neighbors who are often left out shivering in the cold, crammed into a dingy or hostel room with their children.

There are several ways to help, but if you’re not sure where to start, don’t despair. Here, we compile some of the practical ways to help the homeless this Christmas.

  1. Distribute food hampers

Food hampers are an ideal way to provide food and other support to rough sleepers. Brighten someone’s life this Christmas by donating food or hot drinks to homeless families. If possible organize food bag distribution in your local community where you collect and distribute foodstuffs or groceries to rough sleepers in the street.

  1. Donate your time

Spare some of your time this holidays to talk a homeless person. Volunteer your time to give support in terms of health advice, cleaning, crafts, cooking, and DIY.  Homeless people often feel ignored, degraded and worthless but you can put a smile on their face when you treat them well. You will be surprised by just how much difference you can make in someone’s life by just giving a few hours of your time.

  1. Organize a clothes drive

Mobilize your friends in the community and organize a drive to raise funds for clothing and other necessities that rough sleepers need. Organize a fundraising that allows contributors to donate money, furniture, clothing, footwear, toiletries, duvets, and pillows. These donations can go a long way toward improving the lives of people who sleep rough in the street.

  1. Give a gift of home

You can’t help the homeless without giving them homes. If you are able to spare a few extra pounds, placing a homeless in a private affordable rented home is a great way to brighten up the holiday of a rough sleeper. Help keep families in temporary accommodation this Christmas or team up with local shelters to hold fundraisers to raise money for rent. You can also donate shelters like sleeping containers directly to homeless people and give them a reason to smile this Christmas.

  1. Organize a rucksack campaign

Giving back to homeless people is such a good feeling. Try to organize a rucksack campaign whereby you ask people to put a few useful items in a backpack for rough sleepers. Items you can put in a rucksack include a sleeping bag, pair of socks, jumper, and a pair of gloves, sets of underwear and cold weather clothes. Once collected, take these donated rucksacks out onto the streets and distribute them to homeless people.

Support the Homeless this Christmas with

The plight of rough sleepers who line the streets is painfully visible. gives you the opportunity to give back to the homeless and make a difference in someone’s life. Simply create a crowdfunding campaign on and raise money to provide basic necessities to homeless people this holiday.

Be part of community that is providing long-term support to people who are struggling with the rough sleeping in our streets. Create a money pot today and start collecting pledges.