Discover why people are choosing group gifting over individual gift giving to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Group gifting is a unique way through which friends and family can pool money together to purchase a gift or throw a party for their loved ones.  Thanks to the existing money collection platforms; friends, colleagues and family members can club together online and organise a birthday, leaving, baby shower or wedding group gift. The way it works is that a user can create an online money pot (an online money collection page) in just 1-click and share the link with others via email, SMS, WhatsApp or social media, inviting them to contribute. Each individual can chip in desired amount to an online money pot, simply using a debit or credit card. Once the money collection is done, you can choose to purchase a group gift that your loved one will cherish or send the online money pot link as a gift to the recipient, so that they choose themselves how to spend it.

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YouGov study findings on group gifting

A recent study done by and YouGov asked UK adults about their gifting habits and interests in the group gifting concept. Their answers paint a clear picture on to why group gifts are increasingly becoming popular with millennials today. According to the survey:

• 1 in 10 UK inhabitants offer or receive group gifts, with 8 percent of respondents admitting to have offered group gifts before and 5 percent to have received them.

• 64 percent of those offering gifts agree that group gifts are used to offer a better gift.

• 1 in 5 people in the UK have given up on offering a group gift because of the difficulties associated with organising them. 32 percent of this type of people is between 18 to 24 years old.

The most requested group gifts are weekends away, dinners out, tickets for shows and holidays or cruises (so mainly experiences). In general, 1 in 2 respondents interviewed prefer to receive a gift rather than the cash directly.

collect money online and buy a group gift, Leetchi.comWhy are group gifts becoming more popular?

The findings of this survey indicate that the idea of giving gifts for special occasions is shifting towards group gifts. This is true mainly because of the available online platforms, which take the headache out of the organisational part, as well as several other benefits. The advantages of group gifts include:

• Today, thanks to technology they are logistically easier to organise and manage online. The person in charge can see in real time who has contributed or not.

• People from all over the world can contribute to an online money pot.

• One-stop-shop: you can both collect money and spend it on a gift using the same platform. has partnered with many e-commerce partner shops such as Amazon etc., where it’s 100% free to use the service. You can also give the funds electronically to your loved one so that they can choose how to spend it.

• Flexibility: online group gifting platforms allow you to make direct online contributions at your own time so that you can avoid inconvenient money situations. You don’t have to worry about not having money on you or owing it to someone.

collect money for group gift, crowd giftForget about the old-fashioned ‘paper envelope’ money collection method or going through the pain of searching for individual gifts that your loved one may not even cherish. Use for an easy way to raise money online for a group gift from your friends or colleagues!

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