So, it’s your close friend or family member’s birthday celebration coming up and you have no idea what to get them. Instead of getting last minute well intended but often missed gifts, why not consider gifting money towards something more meaningful? That’s what most people prefer anyways (sometimes they’re just too shy to admit to it!). But how can you or should you give money gifts? Well you have the standard envelope approach or you can read this blog to find out some creative ideas we’ve come up with.


You can simply buy a few transparent pastel color, inflatable balloons and fill them up with confetti and rolled up bank notes. Don’t forget about the air – could be quite useful as well 🙂


money gift idea

Inflated balloon with money and confetti – an original gift ready in seconds!


Looking for an original way to give money as a wedding present? How about making a personalisd picture frame with the bank notes? It’s really not as complicated as it may seem, here you’ll find some tips on how to fold hearts.  

money wedding gift

This picture frame is an original money gift for the wedding.

As a part of wedding tradition, after the ceremony, many young couples leave for their honeymoon in a decorated with tins car as a “just got married” symbol.  You can use this as an inspiration to create a mini version with a toy car and attached bills. This project doesn’t require specific origami skills 😄


money wedding gift

“Just married” car toy with attached bank notes

If  the “to be married” couple is thinking about (or in the process of ) buying a house, offering them some financial support could we very much appreciated. If you think they’d enjoy some sense of humor you could fill up a plastic toy bucket with sand and stick some bills in it! It will probably be one of the most memorable gifts they will have received!


money wedding gift

Sand bucket with money as a wedding downpayment present


After the wedding it often does not take too long before the couple announces that they are expecting a new addition to the family. If you can’t decide what to get them as a gift (what type of clothes, what size, which toys etc) surprise them with an originally packed money gift/ These self-made baby prams are just adorable!


baby shower gift

Whether it’s a girl or a boy: these baby carriages are easy DIY idea!


If you’re still looking for the right gift idea, for the right occasion, then we recommend collecting money together as a group towards a bigger and more meaningful gift. For example you can use, the personal crowdfunding website, to club together with friends and family into an online money pot. You can set as a target any desired amount and at the end decide to buy a present or simply give money to the beneficiary! It’s a fast, secure and convenient way to organise gifts for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and much more.

What’s your next occasion to celebrate? Create a money pot and give a group gift!