Fundraising Ideas

Online fundraising (personal crowdfunding) is a unique way of raising money and creating awareness for your project or cause. It’s very effective because it combines the power of social media with the support of your family, friends, and community. It is the best way to reach out to everyone in your network and ask them for support.

This method of raising money for causes is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.  In 2016 alone, an estimated 61% of Britons made donations to charitable causes. Studies show that British people fondly give to mental health care and physical charities, housing and refugee shelters, homeless people and educational institutions.

The first step to online fundraising is to select the best platform, with lowest fees, unlimited customisation tools, and great support. Then, you need to come up with an idea for your campaign.  Here is a list of some common fundraising ideas to help you get started.

Fundraising ideas for pets or animals

Start a fundraiser to help a furry friend or raise money support a local animal shelter, cover pet surgery costs, pay veterinary bills and so on. With crowdfunding, you can offer animals in distress a much-needed help.

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Fundraising ideas for medical cause

Raise money to help clear worrying health care bills, cover cancer treatments, surgery, rehabilitation and medication. Help eradicate the cancer burden in our society by creating an online fundraiser to raise money for cancer research or support cancer victims.  You’ll be surprised by just how much people are willing to help.

crowdfunding for medical bills

Fundraising ideas for education

Do you have schools project that you’re passionate about but can’t afford to finance?  Start a crowdfunding campaign.  Whether you’re looking to raise money for college fees, purchase school supplies, you can rely on online fundraising to help you reach your goal.

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Fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Crowdfunding helps organizations raise money to finance their activities such as community empowerment, helping the homeless, conducting trainings and so on.  You can also offer support to a local nonprofit by helping them raise money through crowdfunding. Whatever your personal or nonprofit goal, you can reach out to a wide audience and seek their support through crowdfunding.

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Fundraising ideas for churches/faith

When your church or faith group can’t obtain enough funds to finance your travels or outreach activities, don’t despair. Simply set up an online fundraising campaign for your faith-based cause. Tell your donors your story, explain the reasons for fundraising and demonstrate what the donations will go toward.

Fundraising ideas for sports

Raise money, fast and easy to support your sort team or finance our team’s activities. Whether you need money for team travel expenses, equipment costs, team jerseys and apparels, tournament costs or day-to-day running of your sports team, you can use crowdfunding to raise money you need.

Fundraising ideas for individual causes

Do you have a neighbor or a friend who is struggling and in desperate need for financial assistance? Give them a hope and a future.  Set up a fundraiser to raise funds so that they can get the support they need. Fundraising for an individual can go a long way toward helping that individual overcome a specific challenge he or she is facing.

Raise Money Fast & Easy with provides a fast, easy and secure way for people to raise money for any particular cause, project or need.  With its low fees, is the most popular crowdfunding and fundraising website in the UK.

Setting up an individual fundraiser at is easy, fast and free.  Simply tell your story, upload photos and videos to highlight your cause, and clearly, explain why you’re trying to raise money. Once launched, share your campaign page with your social networks to get more supporters and donations.

With a little bit of organization and effective ideas strategy, you will quickly attract attention of potential donors and set on the path toward achieving your goal.

All you need to do is choose one of  fundraising ideas, create a money pot and start receiving donations today! create your money pot