As crowdfunding continues to rise in popularity, the battle for page views and pledges, especially on crowdfunding websites where there are thousands of live projects being featured at once,  has become increasingly competitive.  So how do you boost your crowdfunding campaign to ensure your reach or exceed your goals?

Crowdfunding is the best way raise money for a personal cause or project. Not only does it give you access to thousands of potential backers, crowdfunding website also enables you to raise funds for literally anything whether big or small. From small artsy projects to humanitarian projects and business ideas, you can rely on the power of crowdfunding to turn your idea into reality.

As a quick reminder, there are the most common types of crowdfunding websites:

Donation based – here, you raise funds by asking small donations from a large number of contributors. In return, donors get the reward of simply “feel good” effect, where people are happy to have supported a good cause.

Equity based – contributors to your crowdfunding campaign receive shares or equity in your unlisted company in exchange of their pledged money.

Reward based – backers to your project get rewards in exchange for funding. For example, if your project is jewelry design, you might want to reward everyone who contributes $500 or more with an original handmade necklace.

crowdfundingWith a bit of creativity, you can enhance your fundraising campaigns and optimise its success. Here are the best strategies, techniques, and crowdfunding ideas to use to ensure you turn your projects into reality.

Effective Social Media

You need a strategic social media to boost your crowdfunding campaign by reaching a wider audience.  Your social media strategy should focus on networks where your potential contributors are likely to be found. Also, make sure you customise your fundraising campaigns to suit each social media platform.

Put up a great video

Video clips provide the best way to highlight your cause for visitors to get a better idea of what your campaign is about. Visitors to your campaign page want to see your or your products in action rather than viewing static images.  Ensure you put up a great video to increase your chance of convincing people to back your project. If possible, hire the services of a professional video producer.

Tell your story first

People love to hear stories. Tell your story naturally and share your enthusiasm for your project and people will be more inclined to support your campaign. Don’t be too quick to ask for money. Your contributors want to listen to you to decide whether to make pledges or not. You story should be rock solid and be sure to back it up with facts or supporting information. That way, supporters will be more willing to contribute knowing that the project is feasible and they’ll receive a return on their investments.

Build prior interests

Your campaign could get off to a flying start if you have built an initial interest for your project or business. Before you launch your crowdfunding campaign, make sure you generated an active following for your project either on social media or through a blog on your website.  If you don’t already have an active community to tap into, consider partnering with influential figures to try and spur the interests out there.

Communicate frequently

Most successful campaigns on crowdfunding websites are achieved when contributor think organizers show transparency and accountability throughout the campaign period.  Keep your supporters updated on the progress of the campaign with news whether good or bad. Post regularly on your campaign page, and keep doing so even after the campaign has ended.

crowdfundingMake crowdfunding work for you with

If you’ve decided to use crowdfunding to raise funds for your business projects or a particular cause, follow the above strategies to ensure its success. Present your idea in a straightforward manner and talk to potential donors.

Use social media to promote your fundraising campaigns and where possible use marketing agencies to expand your reach. Make the most of your crowdfunding efforts by studying the strategies, crowdfunding ideas, and projects that have worked for others. is the leading European donation-based crowdfunding website providing a fast, easy and secure way for people to raise money together for personal projects and business ideas.

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