Homelessness is a problem on the rise.

Walking along the streets of the UK, one cannot help but notice the sleeping bags that line UK towns. Homeless charity Shelter estimates more than 250, 000 people are homeless in England and in need of support. According to homeless charity Crisis, a huge range of factors can cause people to end up on the streets, including family breakdown, mental health problems and leaving an institution. Women, in particular, are more prone to it because they’re escaping a violent relationship. Many of us would like to help those in need but often don’t know how. Here are some practical ways you can help an individual in need, and crowdfunding for homeless is one of them.

crowdfunding for homelessIn England, you can always contact Street Link whenever you see a rough sleeper on the streets.  Street Link is a government-funded service that process information about rough sleepers and refers them to suitable agencies where they can get help.

Many people give money to street people instinctively not knowing that chances are the money will be spent on drugs and alcohol. Experts recommend that when someone on the streets asks for money, offer them food or hot drink instead. Additionally, spare five minutes of your time to talk to them.  It’s a long-term help that will really make a difference.

Rough sleepers need basic items such as food, shelter, and clothing. The more homeless young people stay on the street, the more vulnerable to being exploited they become.

But how can you help a homeless person in long-term?

helping homeless peopleUltimately, it’s a long-term help that can make a huge difference. The best way is to donate to a charity to support their work in providing a long-term solution to homeless people. It this situation affects your neighbor, friend or someone whom you pass by everyday on your way to work, you can also consider crowdfunding for homeless and giving money directly to the individual in need. Together with your community, you can create a crowdfunding campaign and raise funds to provide basic necessities to a homeless person.  The purpose of crowdfunding for homeless could be:

  • To get people off the streets and back to normal life
  • To provide hot food and cold weather clothing during winter
  • To provide shelter in form of containers to sleep in

The plight of rough sleepers who line the streets is painfully visible. But there are also other “hidden homeless” in need of help. These are people living in unsuitable, temporary or crowded accommodation and are threatened with homelessness.

A number of people who feel passionately about homelessness have created money pots on leetchi.com to raise money to provide long-term support to people who are in danger of becoming homeless.

Crowdfunding for homeless ideas:

Giving In Paris is about a community of expats who have come together to help homeless people in Paris by treating them to Thanksgiving meal as well as introducing them to their culture.helping an individual in needMax Bryan started a crowdfunding campaign to support his homeless friend in Hamburger, Obdachlosen Klaus and help him find a decent temporary shelter and healthier food to eat.helping a homeless personSoulFood Kitchen launched an”open kitchen” initiative in Thessaloniki, Greece to cook 2 meals a day, feeding up to 400 refugees and homeless on daily basis.fundraising for homelessThe problem of homelessness requires a collective effort to solve. You can’t help everyone and eradicate the problem but you can make a difference in the life one person by showing an act of kindness.

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