We’re extremely proud to announce that Leetchi.com, the European leader in online crowdfunding and fundraising, is celebrating its 7th birthday and 7 million users.

Yes, this is the number of people whom we’ve helped raise money for group gifts, personal projects as well as good causes! With thousands money pots created on daily basis, we’ve seen many happy stories, filled with smiles and laughter, as well as some sad ones, filled with tears and hope. Helping you bring your projects to life has filled our hearts with fulfillment and happiness! We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the 7 million of you who’ve put your trust in our service!

Throughout these 7 years we’ve never lost sight of our core business values, which we live by everyday!


Not by chance are we considered the European leader in online money pots 😀

Since our creation, Leetchi.com has never stopped innovating, offering our users a product that is adapted to their ever changing online behavior. We’ve always taken security concerns seriously and developed our own payment solution MANGOPAY, which is now recognised and used by 2000 sharing economy platforms, to process all our transactions.

User experience focus

Leetchi.com was born from the simple fact that there was no online solution for people to quickly raise money together towards gifts, events and common expenses. Since then, Leetchi.com has expanded the use of its platform in order to accommodate your needs as well as the new trends in online fundraising and crowdfunding. Today, the platform comes in handy not only in sorting our group gifts, but also raising funds for personal projects and charitable causes.

We are committed not only to delivering seamless and personalised customer service but also listening to your feedback for future product improvements. Thanks to you, we are able to constantly innovate and add new features to our platform!  

Quality and value

Thanks to our top IT teams our website has an excellent performance. From the design perspective, we’ve made sure to deliver an easy, intuitive and friendly interface. It takes only 1 click to create a money pot as well as contribute to the money pot.

Owing our own payment solution and working closely with Crédit Mutuel Arkea,  has allowed us to keep the fees low and competitive. Although, we are a for profit company, we also have a big heart and want to make sure more money goes towards your projects!

Security and transparency

As an E-money license holder, we are regulated as a financial institution, therefore are subjected to thorough compliance and security checks.  We’ve also chosen to work with strong partners, such as Crédit Mutuel Arkea, which provides us with support and expertise in banking on daily basis.At Leetchi.com we’re 100% transparent.

When you create your money pot you can rest assured that you’ll have a fun and fully secure user experience. Your personal details are encrypted and stored safely and your payment securely goes where it’s intended. In addition with us more money goes to where it’s needed most – the actual cause, as we have some of the lowest fees on the market!

As a reminder, here is how a money pot is created on our website

1.  Create and personalise your money pot

create a money pot

You can choose your category: from organising a birthday gift, to raising funds for an individual in need.

2. Share your money pot and invite people to contribute

At Leetchi.com we respect all the security rules and regulations as well as privacy policies in terms of online payment. We  host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider. Find more here: https://www.leetchi.com/en/security

3. All contributions go to safe and one-easy to manage money pot

Your money is held in an e-walled, an escrow account, and is never touched by Leetchi.com. It is accessible for you to spend it at any moment in time. There’s also no limits how long you can store your money for. Basically, until you’re ready to spend it!

4. Close and spend your money pot

When you request a bank transfer, Leetchi.com ensures that the funds go where they’re intended to – the actual beneficiary of the money pot. Leetchi.com is entitled to carry out identity checks as defined by the Monetary and Financial Code, in order to guarantee the security of transactions.

The whole team, here at Leetchi.com would like to thank all 7 million of your once again for your constant support and trust in our platform. We hope to help many more of you make good things happen! ❤️