Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases representing a tremendous burden on our society today.  Each year, many people die of cancer including the young and old, women and children, the rich and the poor.

According to World Health Organization, about 16 % of people die of cancer. Cancers that cause the most deaths are lung, liver, colorectal, stomach and breast cancer. 1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime. In fact, every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. While 42% of cancer cases in the UK are preventable, incidence rates of all cancer cases continue to soar among people aged 85 years and above.

raising money for cancerEven though cancer still continues to take a huge toll on people around the world, the advances in cancer research are gradually increasing survival rates. Many people are getting cured, thanks to research.

Looking at these facts, we can only deduce that cancer is a huge problem in our society today. As well as bringing enormous burden to patients and families, the economic impact of cancer is significant and increasing.

Various strategies such as early detection, screening, and treatment have been brought forward to be used to beat cancer.  With increase political commitment for cancer prevention and control, the cancer burden can surely be defeated.

As part of their efforts to help eradicate the cancer burden, we have seen many people create money pots on with an aim to raise money for cancer research or support cancer victims.

In this article, we look at unique fundraising ideas for cancer that you can use get started in raising money to battle cancer today. Whether you’re a first-time or regular fundraiser, you’ll find these inspiring ideas quite thoughtful and useful.

cancer fundraisingHead shave

Head shave is one of the bravest ways to raise money for cancer causes as well as raising cancer awareness. Most people use head shave for cancer fundraising because it is a daring move. You can make this bold move more recognizable by offering your friends or colleagues a chance to bid to shave your head. Why not go a step further and dye your head to a crazy color some weeks before the big shave?


Another popular cancer fundraising activity is the walk.  Challenge yourself to walk many miles to fight cancer. Will you walk to cover 600 miles or a 15 km route? Will you choose to walk blindfolded to help conquer cancer? So whether you’re heading to work or taking up jogging, walk some steps every day to raise money for cancer.


Auction or Auction of promises is a great way to fundraise for cancer and help raise cancer awareness. If you have a well-stocked record collection of items such as sports memorabilia, you can conduct an auction and raise enough money to help support cancer victims. You can also make a difference by donating your car, truck or boat to help benefit children with cancer.

Eating competition

This is a very exciting activity as there are lots of challenges to be set. You can organize an eating competition where participants eat doughnuts without licking their lips or eating crackers without water and more. This activity will help your raise money through entry fees especially when it turns out to be a large event. You can even make it more exciting by focusing on breaking records. For example, the record eating a raw onion is 89 seconds.

Give up bad habits

We all have bad habits, some more costly than others. If you have a habit that you want to quit then kicking it out whilst fundraising for cancer causes could be the best experience of your lifetime. You can abandon costly habits by donating the money you save to cancer charities or you can ask people to help you quit frustrating habit by sponsoring you. At we’ve seen people give up smoking, chocolates, television, and meat all for the purpose of fighting cancer.

Karaoke night

A night of karaoke has been proven to be a great way to raise money. Gather your friends through social media for a time to stretch the vocal cords and get fundraising for cancer causes in the process. You can raise money by charging an entry fee or asking friends to contribute as they enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Marathon events

Marathon doesn’t necessarily have to mean running. You can organize exciting activities like marathon DJ sets, nail art sessions and roller skating and raise money with them. If you have a skill set like yoga, you can run a not-for-profit yoga event and allow your pupils to invest in their own health along with making a difference to the wellbeing of cancer victims.


Raise money for cancer using a raffle and make it a fun day for the participants. All you have to do is charge a fee for the tickets and the winner gets a prize. You can use raffle as a standalone cancer fundraising activity or as part of your fundraising for a wider event.

Cancer fundraising using

One of the best ways to draw a huge following for your cancer fundraising idea is to organize your campaigns through online fundraising websites.  Crowdfunding sites like allow you to set-up a cancer fundraising page, have supporters contribute to the cause and help raise funds to achieve the ultimate goal.

cancer fundraising is the leading European crowdfunding and fundraising platform. It provides a fast, easy and secure way for people to raise money together online for cancer causes, charities and individuals in need.

Get started with these unique ways to raise money for cancer or cancer charities. Create a money pot on and start collecting funds for your cancer fundraising today!