The Leaving Gifts That Don’t Keep on Giving

With January being the most popular month for people to hand in their notice, new research reveals some of the best and worst leaving gifts people have ever received, and which cities are home to the stingiest leaving gift-givers.

Research conducted by group payment and personal fundraising platform, has found that disappointing leaving gifts are more widespread than we think. With the average amount of money people spending on leaving gifts being £11, it’s no wonder that UK workers found their send-off presents so unappealing.

The survey revealed that a ex-employees in the UK have been gifted an envelope containing five Smarties, a single bottle of beer, a tea bag and a butt plug. On the flip side, the luckier of the ex-employees have been given gifts ranging from £1,000 in cash to an iPhone 8 and a wedding dress. Some of the best and worst leaving gifts that people in the UK have been given include:

Worst & best leaving gifts:

Based on the less-than-compelling list of leaving gifts, it’s no surprise that one in five people felt that their leaving gifts were a let down, and almost two out of three workers (65%) admitted that people in their company often opt-out of contributing to leaving gifts altogether.

The Stingiest Age Groups

Age appears to have a direct correlation with how stingy people are when it comes to leaving gifts. Despite having less disposable income, those aged 18-24 proved to be the age group that spends the most, however, if they are unable to donate then it was most likely to be because of financial problems.  

Older generations spend the least, with over 65s splashing out on a mere £5.10 and were more likely to opt out because they don’t like the person they are buying a leaving gift for.

The Stingiest Cities

Big spenders in the Capital donate £14.40 each, but were ranked in second place when it comes to leaving gift disappointment as over a quarter (27%) admitted they didn’t like their presents from their colleagues. Birmingham at £14.50 and Cambridge at £12.30 were the second and third biggest leaving gift spenders.

Leeds, Cardiff and Oxford are home to the stingiest gift-givers, donating only £7.40 per person. People in Oxford were also the most likely to admit the reason why they didn’t contribute to leaving gifts is because they dislike the person they are buying it for (47%). In second place was Nottingham at 44%, followed by Sheffield at 40%.

Companies in Oxford have been found to be the UK’s most frugal city with almost three-quarters of people (74%) agreeing that colleagues choose not to donate to people’s leaving gifts, followed by Manchester with two-thirds (69%) and Newcastle upon Tyne (68%).

Lacklustre Leaving Parties

When quizzed on how much companies in the UK spend on people’s leaving dos, the average employer only chips in £84 for drinks, food and dancing.

When broken down by city, companies based in London were seen to fork out the most, spending £112.90. Companies in Nottingham spent a mere £43.90.

Céline Lazorthes, CEO and founder of the, comments on the findings

“Leaving gifts and parties should serve as a thank you to your colleague for all their hard work, so it’s surprising to see how off-the-mark some of the UK’s leaving gifts really are.”

“Over a third of people said that they couldn’t afford to spend money on leaving gifts and 17% admitted that they felt awkward when the person collecting donations for leaving gifts asks them for money. This reveals why it’s so important to provide people with a discreet way of donating money, so they can avoid those uncomfortable money moments and donate as much, or a little as they want.

“Even small donations add up, co-workers can pool together and buy bigger and more meaningful gifts to avoid disappointment and ultimately, show their co-workers how much they care. is providing an easy way to do just that. Money Pots take the financial stress away so you can give gifts that people love, without compromise.”

About The Research

Survey of 2,066 respondents conducted by GingerComms on behalf of

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