Animal Fundraising Ideas

You don’t need to look far to find some amazing animal fundraising ideas that can change the lives of our four-legged friends…Thousands of domesticated animals are abandoned by former owners every day, especially before leaving on long summer holidays. At any given time, it is estimated that there are two million stray cats and 100,000 stray dogs living in the streets of UK.  These home pets normally find their way to shelters but due to limited space, shelters struggle to accommodate all of them. Because there so many homeless animals and not enough good shelters to accommodate them all, many have to be euthanised. Every day about 21 dogs are euthanized in the UK.

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In 2016 the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) rescued and collected 129, 602 animals in the UK.  There are lots of animal charities in the UK working hard to help animals. Some UK animal organisations focus on rescuing animals from cruelty, others protecting endangered species and still others providing animal aid for pets.

Wild animals have their own struggles, in addition to being affected by extreme weather conditions and uncertainty of food supply, they face danger from human beings. Some end up in the circus, some are hunted for their fur and some fall victim to cruel testing. 1.4 million animals die each year because in the process of animal testing, including the use of cosmetics and 400K coyotes are killed each year for fur in the U.S alone.

Here are some animal fundraising ideas to inspire you to take an action and give animals a second chance at life!

Support a local animal shelter

After finding out that Graves Park Animal Farm was broken into, trashed and her rabbits traumatised, Dianna Stimely organised an animal fundraising campaign to provide the animals under her care with more protection. Contributors to this campaign were able to give animals at Graves Park Animal Farm a secure and more comfortable conditions to live in.

animal fundraising ideas, fundraising for animalsCover the cost of performing pet surgery & vet bills

Susanna Hawthorne organized a fundraising for a dog (Eddie) she found abused and tortured in the streets of Romania. The aim of the campaign was to raise enough money for Eddie’s treatment and nose surgery expenses. Contributors to this fundraising will be able to give Eddie the lifeline he desperately needs.

When you have a pet that is sick and you can’t cover medical bills after your vet visit, set up a fundraising page for your pet to raise the money. Tell your donors the story of your four-legged friend and what you need the money for. You’ll be surprised by just how much people are willing to support your pet.

fundraising for animals, animal fundraising ideasSupport animal rescue activities

Here’s an animal fundraiser organized by Leanne Buttle to support a local animal rescue group Rottie Friends Rescue. Backers for this project were able to raise enough money that go toward caring for rescued, injured or helpless animals including our four legged companions.

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To help raise awareness about animal cruelty and animal rights

Lucy Watson has launched an animal fundraising campaign for PETA- a UK animal charity that champions for ethical treatment of animals. In this campaign, Lucy Watson hopes to raise awareness about how much animals suffer when subjected to animal testing and other inhumane experiments or practices.

animal fundraising, fundraising for animals, animal fundraising ideas
To purchase service animals like service dogs

If you have an individual who is looking to purchase a service dog to help them with daily activities but cannot afford to do so, create an online money pot and help them raise enough funds to adopt a trained animal. If you’re passionate about and would like to help a domesticated or wild animal in need, consider one of the above mentioned animal fundraising ideas. Animals go through various hardships every day, but with your financial assistance, you can offer these lovable creatures a much-needed reprieve.

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But wait, how can I easily raise money online? provides a fast, easy and secure way for people to raise money to support a local shelter, animal charity or care for an animal in need.

Start your own animal fundraising money pot, tell us your pet’s story, share photos and video to highlight the animal’s plight and the reasons why you need them money. Launch your animal fundraiser and share the campaign page on your social media to start receiving donations. create your money pot

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