Often fundraising campaigns are associated with charities. However, more and more people use individual fundraising websites, such as Leetchi.com, to raise money for a personal cause directly. Thanks to the variety of available online services, you don’t need to go through a registered charity to support an individual in need or a personal project.

The difference between charitable and individual fundraising is that instead of public at large, a single person benefits from it. This type of direct fundraising can go a long way towards helping that individual overcome a specific challenge they are facing; whether it be a medical condition or living situation.

individual fundraising, personal fundraising, Leetchi.comRaising money for an individual cause works best when there’s honesty and transparency. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about individual fundraising including how to set it up:

Have a Plan

Before beginning an individual fundraising, you must plan your activity and what you will do with the money once it is raised. To ensure transparency and accountability of your fundraising activity, make sure you provide donors with regular updates. They want to have confidence that the money being raised will actually get to the designated beneficiaries and help achieve what’s been described in your personal fundraising page. Remember to keep accurate and complete records of the money you receive from donors and supporters.

individual fundraising, personal fundraising, leetchi.comTypes of individual causes to raise money for

You can use a fundraising website to raise money for any type of individual causes including:

Fundraising for a neighbor – You can set up a unique page to raise money to help a neighbor who is in need.  An example would be a page set up for a Grenfell Tower fire or hurricane Irma victims, who’ve lost their homes and personal belongings.

Fundraising for medical expenses – You can raise money through crowdfunding and use it to pay for medical costs for a friend or family member who is in need of treatment.

Fundraising for education – If you want to further your education but have no money to do so, don’t worry. There are millions of people willing to support your education through personal fundraising.

Fundraising for the homeless – Many people have relied on personal fundraising to raise money to build shelters and buy food for homeless people on the streets. You too can get started supporting the needy in our society by creating an individual fundraiser on Leetchi.com.

Fundraising for community empowerment – Ever had a bright idea to empower your community but don’t have enough funds to get started? Use individual fundraising to raise enough money to build learning centers, purchase medical supplies and organise other community empowerment projects.

Whatever your personal goal, you can reach out to a wide audience and seek their support through personal fundraising.  Fundraising for an individual is the best way to seek help from friends, family, and community and successfully make good things happen.

individual fundraising, personal fundraising, Leetchi.comHow to set up a fundraising page for an individual?

Online personal fundraising is more effective because it combines the power of social media with the support of your friends and family.

Setting up an individual fundraiser on Leetchi.com is easy, fast and free.  Simply tell your story, upload photos and videos to highlight your cause, and clearly, explain why you’re trying to raise money. Once launched, you need to raise awareness about your initiative and find the most effective ways to communicate about it to get supporters on board. Think of sharing it on social media networks, via email, blog post, community groups and local newspapers.  The more you promote your individual fundraising campaign, the more money you can raise.

Create an individual fundraising online money pot to start raising funds today!