Looking for an original birthday present to get your friends or loved ones? At Leetchi.com we’ve come up with some thoughtful ideas to consider, including individual gifts as well as clubbing together for one big group gift!

Celebrating one’s birthday is a special life event that’s meant to be shared by loved ones. We all enjoy birthday parties and it feels nice when we honor our loved one’s birthday by sharing the day with them. A typical birthday party involves gifts, music, dinner, and games, and is usually attended by friends and family.

Make your loved one’s birthday wishes come true with these unique and thoughtful birthday gifts.  Remember your choice of birthday gift should reflect the taste and style of the recipient.

Personalised birthday cake

birthday gift ideas

We can’t imagine a celebrating a loved one’s birthday without a birthday cake. Enchant your loved one with a beautiful birthday cake customized with their names or photos delightfully created on it. Heighten their special day with an attractive personalised birthday cake and let your loved one know the care and appreciating you feel for them. This might be a real treat for your gluten and dairy intolerant friends who don’t have too many occasions to indulge in a eating a cake.

A Lucky for peace and good fortune

birthday gift ideaInstead of fetching an electronic gadget that will be antiquated or get lost in a matter of time, a birthday gift that truly keeps on giving is a lucky plant like Bonsai tree, honeysuckle, Bamboo or money plant. This gift not only is a work of living art that they can craft into a great front-office or in-house companion, but also a perfect gift to cherish and love for the rest of their lives. Here are some recipes to help you with this challenging task.

Wine box subscription

birthday gift ideaInstead of inviting your friend out for a drink to celebrate their special day, give them a monthly wine box subscription and sample new wines together! This is a great gift for your gourmet friends who appreciate fine things in life, and who are always looking to discover new flavors. You can either get them a gift card or a monthly subscription with Le Petit Ballon Wine Club and a surprise them with carefully curated, handpicked wines delivered to their door!

A basket of chocolates and aromatic candles

birthday gift ideas

Elevate their special day with scented candles to give off a subtle aroma as well as adding candlelight ambiance that puts everyone in the mood for celebrations.  The fabulously fragrant candle stimulates everyone’s sense of smell putting everyone in a festive mood. With Etsy you can find a beautiful candle basket selection.  Back it up with an assorted chocolate gift box for a delicious surprise.

Group gift

birthday group gift

Gift crowdfunding is another unique and thoughtful way to find a perfect present for your loved ones and friends.  It involves pooling funds together as a group, so we can purchase a really special birthday gift those we love. Each individual is asked to contribute a certain amount and once it’s pooled together, we can buy a perfect birthday gift for our loved one.

group gift

Leetchi.com provides the perfect way to create unforgettable life memories. We want to help you throw a lavish birthday bash with an exclusive entertainment without going through the pain of having to choose individual gifts or advancing money from friends and never getting paid back.

Use the idea of gift crowdfunding to pool funds together as a group at Leetchi.com and purchase one special group gift for you loved ones.

Create an online money pot and celebrate your loved one’s birthday with a memorable group gift!