Thank you 2018! You’ve been a great year, filled with generosity and love expressed through the numerous Leetchi money pots. Here are some of the highlights we’d like to share and celebrate with you, including key numbers as well as the most memorable group gifts and heartwarming stories. We hope you enjoy the read and get inspired to make a small act of kindness; celebrating friend’s life event, supporting an individual in need or a cause you’re passionate about.

The year in numbers

Top gifts of 2018

Zoom in on the most memorable Leetchi money pots & group gifts organised on our platform:

🎁 For his 30th birthday Peter got a mini wine cellar he’s always dreamt of, to store the most precious things he owns – his best wine bottles!

🎁 £2.800 was collected to buy a Rolex watch for the 40th birthday of Laurent

🎁 Stewart got a trip to Nashville for his 35th birthday to listen to his favorite country music

🎁 Crystal clear waters and sunshine all day long – Louis and his wife got a trip worth more than £3.000 to the Bahamas for their honeymoon

🎁 Happy Natasha – she went on a shopping spree thanks to the £450 she got as a leaving gift

🎁 Big in Japan – Christabel got a trip to the ‘land of the rising sun’ for her birthday

🎁 VIP football – Maamur got a memorable send-off with a pair of Arsenal match tickets!

The greatest stories of 2018

❤️ Saving birds

Great news for all the bird lovers! The Eagle Club of Estonia has collected over 4,000 to raise public awareness of these endangered species, and contribute to their survival.

❤️ Climbing out of depression

This inspiring project provides climbing as an activity, offered to anyone suffering from depression. Thanks to 100 contributions and over £5,800 collected, the organisation will be able to buy equipment and pay trainers, to help people relieve the pain and anxiety associated with depression.

❤️ Zoi’s battle

Only 18 months old, Zoi has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She is currently undergoing a treatment and facing a difficult and long road to recovery. Her family created a money pot and collected more than 7,300, hoping that Zoi could later tell her kids the story of how she beat cancer!

A big thank you to all the money pot organisers for their beautiful initiative and contributors for their generous support. You made 2018 exceptional! We look forward to creating many more memorable moments together with you! create your money pot