We hope you had a lovely holiday celebration and that you’re excited for what 2018 brings! We’d like to share with you some highlights of 2017, a year full of small acts of kindness…

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🎉  Celebrated 1st birthday in the UK!

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦  10 million users have put their trust in us

💰 Helped raise over 1.1 billion Euros (Leetchi Group)

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Top 5 money pots

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, the following was made possible:

151 of you have help Graham fight cancer and cover his medical expenses.

179 of you have given dog Eddie a second chance at life, financing his maul surgery.

72 of you have help Sophia’s parents give her access to much needed specialised care and treatment.

82 of you have helped  a little girl Kaleigh, suffering from DIPG brain tumor, access a pioneering treatment in Mexico.

And 64 of you are in process of financing an inspiring project, bringing 150 lights & solar lamps to a rural village in Kenya, changing lives of 200 people.

Top 3 trends

1. Due to ever increasing medical costs and expenses, medical fundraising has become one of the most effective ways of getting access to financing. (YouGov Study)

2. Millennials are the new ‘giving generation’ but prefer to give more directly to the cause via crowdfunding and fundraising platforms, rather than via charities. (YouGov Study)

3. Brits are owed on average £1,100 by friends, family & workmates, and would rather pool money together towards common gifts, events and expenses. (YouGov Study)

Most generous cities in the UK

Here is the list of top 10 cities most likely to splash the cash, on their family and friends during special occasions in 2017 (GingerComms Study).

Once again, thanks for putting your trust in us and launching your personal & good cause fundraisers! We’d like to wish you an even more generous and fulfilling 2018!

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